How To Choose A Home Improvement Contractor


Regular home improvements will surely make your current living conditions lot more favourable. These improvements will reduce a significant amount of structural damages to your property. Aesthetically, these renovations will help your home keep up with modern designs while maintaining its older rustic design. The mix of styles is highly sought after in modern houses.


As much as we would like to do it ourselves, a home improvement contractor is always a better idea. Home improvement contractors are professionals when it comes to this but before we go and call one up. Here are a few things to consider before you pick out your contractor.

Picking out the contractor

Before start calling contractors asking for an estimate for your project/s, be sure to research about them first. Always eliminate contractors who do not arrive on time for appointment, disorganized, can’t provide any contractor’s license and provide very low or high estimates for the job. That said, here are the a few tips to ensure you will hire the right contractor for the job.

• Get recommendations- Start with your friends or family who had a recent project done. Chances are, the contractor/s they hired are qualified enough for your needs.

• Phone interview- This is an important pre-requisite before hiring any contractor. Pick out a few contractors that were referred to you and ask questions like credentials, financial references, do they take any project size and how long will it take them.

• Check certifications- Contractors should be licensed professionals. Always check the disciplinary board, better business bureau and local court records for problems and such. Also, ask the contractor to give you a copy of his credentials and licences from previous contracts.

Meet the contractor- As I mentioned earlier, this is important. Pick out 2 or 3 contractors you like. Meeting with a contractor will put all your worries at ease and provide all the necessary information that the phone interview did not provide. If you still have doubts about your preferred contractor then you can check in with your states consumer protection agency and your local business bureau regarding any history of disputes with past clients.

• Investigate- Now that you have narrowed down your list, put all of your research to use. Start by contacting the previous clients to see how their projects went and how good of a job did the contractors do with their project/s.

Needless to mention, the internet is awash with information on some of the highly-reputed contractors so ensure you read carefully the customer review beeper as these will help you understand the confidence level consumers have on a particular project.