Understanding Who Qualifies For Lap Band Surgery

Lap band surgery may be a highly effective weight loss solution, but is not recommended for everyone. An increasingly larger number of people are falling into the overweight and obese categories. This trend is very worrying. The main challenge these people have is that they find it difficult to control their appetite and cravings. A lap band los angeles surgery helps them to overcome this problem as the volume of their stomach is restricted. This ensures that physically they are incapable of handling large meals. With good food choices, they can easily stick to a healthy low calorie diet. In reality though, even bad food choices can still lead them to weight loss as the quantity will be restricted still.

To help in determining if a person is a suitable candidate for such surgery, doctors typically review the patient’s history of weight loss efforts. The best way to lose weight would be naturally. This means making the effort to make healthier food choices and portions, and undertaking exercises. If however a person has severally tried a variety of diets and still been unable to get the desired results, then they may be considered a suitable candidate for lap band surgery. This is usually a solution of last resort.

A common factor that qualifies a person for this surgery is body mass index. Those that fall in the morbidly obese range are commonly allowed to have this surgery. Those who however fall in the obese category may be advised to first try more traditional weight loss strategies. If however they are suffering one or more health conditions attributable to their excess weight, they can qualify for lap band surgery. Another guide is the level of excess weight. Carrying more than twice your ideal weight is good enough to qualify you for this surgery.

Those that have been in this state for 5 years or more without successful weight loss care also high risk. Doctors will also need to ascertain that the unhealthy weight gain has not been caused by use of certain medication or due to illness. Even alcoholism and disqualify a person form lap band surgery. A psychological evaluation is also necessary to ensure that the patient is mentally prepared to commit to the necessary lifestyle changes. They must also be willing to continue being monitored by their physician for the long term as this solution can take several years before weight loss goals are reached and the band is eventually removed.